Tuesday, December 4, 2012

on my own again .

tuesday december 4th 2012 .

what do you kno , I moved out lastnight .
honestly, i just couldnt take being taken for granted by my own family .
especially being pregant , i really couldnt take the stress .
im living in the Met with g-money .
idk how long its gonna last , but its just to have a break from the bullshit .
i just miss my baby :/
but i know nothings gonna stop us from being together , we're a family now .
i miss bubbie & rillo too lol . my poor puppies .
its good to have a lot of time to myself tho ,
and hopefully i'll start online school soon so i can finally get my fuckin shit together before my babylove comes .
you know , things have been so different since i got pregant ,
i dont really deal with bullshit anymore .
and i've realied how fuckin fake people are .
like people ive been friends with for yearsss dont even come around anymore & im fine with that honestly .
i'd rather be completely alone than be surrounded by fake ass people .


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