Thursday, August 25, 2011

idgaf , if i do - Its fuck you .

August 25th .

GahhDamnn ,
today's been 'eh' af .
not a bad day , not a great day. So I cant complain.
smoke breaks always bring my mood up .

atleast i've got people that are actually there for me ,
ya'll the shit .
This guy , Rick has helped me through a lot this past week,
he's definitely one of the easiest people to talk to.
he takes the time to 'try' to understand me ,
& always gives me advice based off his best intentions.
I wish him the best in life.
Even tho when we doesn't hear from me ,
he thinks im "fucked uppp & getting somee"
lmaooo ,
Defffff my nigg. :)
oh my gahd ,
the state fair is gon' be here in less than two months.
im so readyyy . but everytime i go , i always throw uhp . lmao
I still go every year though . I rolled a joint for last year, with a clear paper,
birthday suit bud ;)
Imma be here one day,
this dude's been spittin flames -
James 'pacman' Johnson
I deff fucks with this dudes music.
not only is he a close homie , but he's original, dedicated, & a lady's man .
So add him on fb ,

This was a short post , but i gotta go to sumter .
classified reason bitches .

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Real bitches fck with me, Fck bitches hate me

August 24th .

Yeaaa , I kno. I havnt blogged in a hot minute.
right now ?
Got some gucci bumpin' , hittin a bong , straight c00lin it .
Bitchhhh , yesterday I was freeeakin' the hell out 'cause I let chloe outside at liiiike 10 am .
I didn't see her for the restttt of the fuckin' day .
At like 8 pm I went to see #oomph at his place , & He ends up coming back home with me.
well , right before we leave his house , he goes inside & brings chloe out .
I was like what the fuckkkk. not funny . <3
turns out , he came by my house earlier when I was pickin up my lil bro,
& chloe was outside & ended up chasing his car . lmao
my little retard.

I slept mayyybe two hours last night .
usually I sleep great when #oomphs here , but I was on adderall .
Still geeked up offa 15mg . like wtf.
Even after the amazing magic makin ;) && gettin ' high AF, i was still wide awake .
So I kno i'll never do coke . lmaoo .
i gotta cop it .
(So dont nobody else get tht shit , if yall do, then your a certified
#SwaggJacka . )

sooo you kno how im all ab some music ,
well i gotta show some luh to a local artist .
Pierre 'Pmoe' Moore , his mixtape is droppn soon , & imma keep yall on point.
deffinitely check out his facebook , & give 'em a listen , drop a line , show some love .
Add Him ,

You know , I've been stressed lately.
Im a lil' better now , fasho .
Im just doin' whatever makes me happy &
If anyone gotta problem with that, you can
so you gotta live it up , you gotta love strong
follow your heart , But use your head
fck wht people say , prove 'em wrong
be more carefree , light a lil' green
Be happy,

* shoutout to all my readers, i <3 you guys . (:

Monday, August 8, 2011

if you like what you see, jump in the ride with me .

August 8th.
im so blank right now.
we smoked soo much yesterday.
#oomph left this morning 'round 11:30 for work.
tonight's gonna feel weird, 'cause he's stayin' at his place.
i've already got use to having him there at night. again. lol.
we dont really want alone time, but we know we need it.
you kno ?

oh! i curled my hair today. (:
i've been so day-dreamy lately.
i guess thats what happens when you grew up watching
all the Disney Princess movies on vhs.
yeah, i was that kid. lol.
my hobbies included skipping around in my backyard,
pickin' flowers, & singing songs.
but we all know how 'disney kids' turn out...
sad but true. lol.
i was so naive as a child.
but after puberty started comin' around,
that's when i started paying more attention to my surroundings.
& with puberty it went from Snow White, to The Simple Life. lol

I can say i had a pretty good childhood,
but i grew up fast, realll fast.
almost everything's changed.
my moms still here.
not in the same way she was before.
but more so i think. well more so on a sister level.
her mom levels always 100. lol but we are honestly more like sisters.
i'd be completely lost without her.
& i know that, i've moved out a few times. lol.
Yeah, i might've changed completely over time,
but i still recognize how beautiful life is.
i respect beautiful things,
& things that make life beautiful.
i miss him already what the hell.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


August 6th.
So much has happened.
If i blogged about it, it might take too long.
#oomph's been staying every night so far,
It's gonna feel so different whenever he goes home.
So a few days ago I had my first bad trip off spice.
I took the biggest grav hit, omggg.
I felt that shit hit me.
it was Dave's Not Here, too. gahdamn.
everything looked like paper origami.
forreal, like everything looked all papery & sharp.
I hated that feeling.
#oomph got in bed with me while I was trippin' & tried to calm me down.
he's the best at that.
oh & sidenote;
I got the best head last night.
im sorry, but somethings you just can't contain.
I went to my uncles graduation yesterday. #oomph came too.
it was boring as fuck, but dude, this stripper was sittin' in front of us,
& when she stood up dude, her booty jiggled for like 4 seconds. lmao.
me & #oomph were both like "DAYUMMM"
not because of only that, but her dress went in her butt crack,
& the depth of that wedgie was unbelievable. lmao.
dude, we got so fucked up lastnight,
I dont even remember all of last night.
we got a new connect too.
life's gravy.

I gotta go get ready,
errands to run ,

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

can't see; can't walk, fck errbody.

July 17th.
well at first when I woke up I thought today was going to be amazing.
I felt grrrreat.
Then it got shitty as fuck. Im over it. Done stressin'.
I was like fckkkk this, So i drove to erica's new place.
thank god. I've misssed her so much<3
she's the only girlfriend I have that I can be around 24/7
& not get annoyed from. haha
When you have attention deficient disorder, Its So hard to drive at night.
Cause ya'll kno I didn't leave erica's 'til after one.
Its so weird not being around her this summer. Lexington's so far away.

Imma be real,
Im high af rite now, in bed, Wiz bumpin in the back,
Laughin' my ass off at this bitch's profile pictures.
No name, but ya'll kno them bitches that be tryin'a fck errdamn thing,
& be takin pictures like they movie stars
but they really look like a alabama hooker.
im fckd up. lol
night (:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

lewinsky ,

August 2nd, 2011.
my first august post. :)
yesterday, was crazyyyy.
& this secret will go to grave with me.
on another note,
I'm prayin' 'They' get back together.
it'll prove how fucking stupid she is.
If she only knew how many times he IM'd me,
tryin' to get me to come over & 'chill' . lol,
& it's been So recent. lmao.
I tried to tell her not to waste her time,
I told her he was a whore.
& now since we're not cool, thas on her.
he's just as pathetic as she is.
so they're perfect for eachother. <3

I can't focus.
#oomph came back after work ofcourse.
& ended up stayin for the rest of the weekend. & monday. (:
It's tuesday. he went to work at 11 this mourning.
He said he's leaving all his shit here, so he'll have an excuse to come back.
I love when he says cute shit.
downside, he left his phone. retard. lol
I've been so happy these past few days.
it's the little things he does that makes me realize how much
I love him. & how much i wanna be with him again.
like opening the car door for me, whether i'm driving or not.
or whenever we're in the car, & he holds my hand during the whole drive.
& when he kisses me, it's perfect.
he doesn't even try to eat my face.

Gucci mane ft yelawolf - Wanna Party