Wednesday, August 3, 2011

can't see; can't walk, fck errbody.

July 17th.
well at first when I woke up I thought today was going to be amazing.
I felt grrrreat.
Then it got shitty as fuck. Im over it. Done stressin'.
I was like fckkkk this, So i drove to erica's new place.
thank god. I've misssed her so much<3
she's the only girlfriend I have that I can be around 24/7
& not get annoyed from. haha
When you have attention deficient disorder, Its So hard to drive at night.
Cause ya'll kno I didn't leave erica's 'til after one.
Its so weird not being around her this summer. Lexington's so far away.

Imma be real,
Im high af rite now, in bed, Wiz bumpin in the back,
Laughin' my ass off at this bitch's profile pictures.
No name, but ya'll kno them bitches that be tryin'a fck errdamn thing,
& be takin pictures like they movie stars
but they really look like a alabama hooker.
im fckd up. lol
night (:

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