Tuesday, August 2, 2011

lewinsky ,

August 2nd, 2011.
my first august post. :)
yesterday, was crazyyyy.
& this secret will go to grave with me.
on another note,
I'm prayin' 'They' get back together.
it'll prove how fucking stupid she is.
If she only knew how many times he IM'd me,
tryin' to get me to come over & 'chill' . lol,
& it's been So recent. lmao.
I tried to tell her not to waste her time,
I told her he was a whore.
& now since we're not cool, thas on her.
he's just as pathetic as she is.
so they're perfect for eachother. <3

I can't focus.
#oomph came back after work ofcourse.
& ended up stayin for the rest of the weekend. & monday. (:
It's tuesday. he went to work at 11 this mourning.
He said he's leaving all his shit here, so he'll have an excuse to come back.
I love when he says cute shit.
downside, he left his phone. retard. lol
I've been so happy these past few days.
it's the little things he does that makes me realize how much
I love him. & how much i wanna be with him again.
like opening the car door for me, whether i'm driving or not.
or whenever we're in the car, & he holds my hand during the whole drive.
& when he kisses me, it's perfect.
he doesn't even try to eat my face.

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