Saturday, July 30, 2011

spice spice, baby .

"I'm not proud of everything I've done but I'm pretty sure I'd do it all again."

#oomph stayed the night last night.
so you kno im in an amazing mood.
he was late for work this morning , like he is every time he spends the night.
let's face it we're perfect when we're together.
we spent the night smokin' spice & makin' love faces.
we fell asleep SO fast. tangled up in eachother, so close our nose touched.
he wanted to lay in bed all day. of course I would've.
before he left he gave me some newport money,
left me a pipe (idk why 'cause i got 'em out the ass) ,
some spice, & showered me with kisses.
them perfect ass kisses.
he's workin' a double :/ but he's comin' back over when he gets off :)
he wants to stay another night.
atta boy.

Chandler just left. he's stayin' at his dad's house tonight.
mom's at work. it's 10:52 am. on a saturday.
This is the first time in forever that i've been alone on a saturday.
It's nice to have the house to myself for a couple hours.
time to get lifted, gifted, & piffted as erica would say.
I can't find my ipod :/

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