Friday, July 15, 2011

lets be real.

daym, i drove home good.
can't believe im typing.
tonite was fun as fuck so you kno im g o n e .
chilld with some pretty fucking awesome people,
felt like i had a connection with most of them.
nice bud, good drinks, & damn the goodies.
i <3 this shit.
definitely a nite i wont forget. but ya'll kno imma pothead so ion kno . .
i smiled a lot tonite. thats a side-effect obviously. lol
it's like i've got so much to think about, i dnt kno where to start.
so much happened. lol. i smiled a lot.
even if half the people didn't kno why i was smiling.
i could've cared-less.
i was a hit.

i've got heartburn :(
damn you, long island ice tea & pink panty dropper. !

so, i found out i've got another guilty pleasure .
ofcourse i cant say what it is, but omg. i knew i'd love it.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
great night.

*NO this is not about a guy. just throw'n that the fck out there.

too turnt up.
pillow talk.
-im outtt

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