Friday, November 18, 2011

5-0 got me pissed off .

November 19th 2011 . 

I know i haven't been blogging lately .
but i've been a bad girl , 
& a lotttt of shit has happened . 
I've got some friends over right now , so i'm gonna be short .
Everything's happened from,  me almost fighting this bitch 'cause 
I was meetin' up with this guy who she use to fuck . 
but i had no idea about her . 
Plus she knew he was meeting me there , & they aint even ina relationship . 
she kept callin' me a bitch , like screamin' that shit like a physco , 
everyone was lookin' at her like she was fuckin' crazyy . 
like , sorry bitch obviously you aint nothin' special . 
& that's exactly what i told her . lol . 
she shutup after that shit . 
Also , yesterday morning , 
I was awoken from a knock on the door . 
about 8 cops swarmed my house . 
I can't say who . 
but they were looking for someone , &
 they thought they were hiding at my house . 
all last night , i had cops watching my house , 
a cop that had been at at house yesterday morning saw me 
going to Jlove's house , & followed me there . 
when I picked up chandler & Jlove from school , 
the Major was at my house with two other guys in suits .
to try to ask me more things . 
they pissed my mom off really bad , 
to the point were she wanted to sue them for taking advantage of me . 
they really pushed me to the point were I was crying
on multiple occasions . they never believed me 
when I told them I didn't know anything . 
luckily , the person they were looking for turned there-self in this morning . 
I'm just ready for this to be over . 
fuck bein' around cops . 

It's been cold as fuck lately . 
like seriously . 
but it's beautiful outside with all the leaves changing & shit . 
it's weird to think that this time last time last year , 
I spent it all with #oomph . thanksgiving , christmas , new years , 
all of it , up until may . fuck may .  

but really, i've been closer with my family than ever . 

Jlove pretty much lives here . lol . he's like the other bro i never had . 
I'm so protective over that kid . 
Oh , & how about todayyyy , 
I fuckin' backed into a muhfuckin' tree . 
oh welll . 

well , it's 2:22 am . 
I haven't really gotten a lotta sleep lately . 
soooo im ouut . 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Joints I flick , Bong raps I kick .

October 10th . 

So I just finished my first rap with Jlove .
I'm fucking excited AF .
I recorded it ONCE , & killed it . didn't even need to re-record anything . 

i've had atleast 10 people ask me to get on a track with them .

I mean , i've been writing raps for years , but Just had enough balls to record .
I picked Jlove up from school , & he was just like
"Today , You're Doing this shit . So , dont even say no ."
& it came out fucking great .
I havnt had butterflies like this since I found out what love an orgasm was .
& this just shows me , I don't need a guy , I can do this on my own .
It's being happy . & I'm in love with this shit .

My advice for everyone out there ,
fuckkkk what people say . 

soo... Here it is... (:
( Sounds BEST with headphones . )

There's more to come in the near future ;)

whattup famm ? (:

October 8th .
Welll , I'm on the way to dad's new gf's house .

Idk if I'm gonna like her or not .
The only thing I kno about her is that she's an attorney,
she's got 3 houses , she can drink , & she's blonde .
We map quested her house , & when dad said she lives on the beach...she lives ON the beach
...lucky bitch .
I'm just ready for tonite . We're doin' the octoberfest thing .
There's gonna be over 20,000 people , they even closed ocean boulevard for this .
Dads got us all VIP passes too(:
Gah I'm so fuckn bored , I didn't even get super baked ,
Just buzzed :/
& we're gonna be driving for a lil' whileee .
Well I'm at the festival . It's poppin' .
Drunk people everywhere, dancing there balls off .
I'm tipsy AF .
Thank Allah for spell check . Lmao

Okay , so I've had a jello shot , & two beers .
I'm sorry but I'm shwasted .

later onnn-
It's like one big huge house party . 
Thank god we're VIP , it's not all cramped up where we are . 
I've been getting free beer all night  :)
Dancing people everywhere .
& I've been dancing . Usually , I only dance dirty . Lmao

The only thing that could make this better is if I was stoned.
Too bad i smoked all my weed before i left Gmoney's crib .

I can't Stop laughin' at all the drunk who think they got rhythm . Lmao
Sidenote- all the girls here have like nooo ass .
It's so disappointing . bahaha
Otherwise, great night on ocean boulevard .

I dont give a fuck what anyone sees .
It's official ,
 my mouth is numb & I can't see straight . Im shwasted.

Maybe I'm TOO drunk ....I just told dad I blocked him on facebook . LMAO .

Ive never drank so much in my life .
Im tryin' to sober up .
KB (dads gf) is goin to get me a shrimp basket . Whoooo(:

So she came back 20 min later , drunker, with no shrimp basket . Whatta broad .
Me & Gmoney just walked on the beach , I've never walked on the beach shwasted ,
I actually fell in the sand trying to take my shoes off ,
 the sand was so soft . (:
^ me & dad after the festival, on our way back to kb's house .
driftin' downtownnn. top DOWN .

Next mornin' -

Boutta go get breakfast with the fam .
Didn't wanna get outta this huge bed ,
it's sooo comfortable .
Shouldn't of drank so much last nite.
But if your VIP & you've got no rules ,Then why not get slammered?
(dads new fiance' , ended up being the shiiiit . for a bitch who's got everything,
she's down to earth . )

greattt weeekend . <3

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please excuse my rebellious soul .

September 28th . 

Today's just been one crazy hazy dream . 

I blame it on the pain pills , truly .

I know I shouldn't have... 
I mean I wouldn't have... 
If I didn't crave love so much .
...#oomph came over today . 
We actually spent the whole day together . 
Just smokin' , laughin' , wrestin' & cuddlin' . 
Finally a cuddle session. <3 
...& of course my sheets are bein' washed right now. Smh 
As much as I don't wanna care , 
I care too much & I'm always gonna . 
The first cut is the deepest 
... & it obviously leaves a scar . 

Plus my moms gon' be like 'what da fuck' when she finds out 
... She'll find out when she reads this . 
I Love you ma dukes . <3 lol

I got to see my BrandiBoo today too (: 
I owe her one .
 Seriously , I needed that pick-me-up . 
& plus she found me a legit sack . I'm boutta go pick it up. 
I love that girl , She's the shit . 
& I honestly feel like I can come to her about anything 
& kno I'm never gonna be judged . 
We just so open in this fam. Lol

Damn , my fingers are glidin' across the keyboard . 
Smh - I'm on one three . 
 I be forgettin' n shit lately .  
Forreal , I got over 90 unread messages on facebook . 
& I knooo, I got an ass of unread texts.  
I'm slippin' lol . 
Also , Pmoe ... Pmoe got f l o w.
His new mixtape just dropped a couple days ago . 
& y'all needa check 'em out .
to download his mixtape click right churrr .
its truthhh . 
& then Add 'em on facebookk .
I shouldn't have smoked any spice today . 
Dave's not here , is just not for me . 
I Tripp testicles . 
Like , not a crackhead trip , but an emotional , cry-baby Trip . 
It just makes me think a lot . 
I needa just stick to the herbal . 


& yes mr.CudBud,  I blew you off breh . 
'What goes around , comes around like a hoolahoop' nigha . 
& you gon' learn that you can't get it when you want it . 
It's the other way around . (; 

Later on ....
So I'm at my usual gas station . 
my ma's puttin' air in the tires . 
Atta girl . 
Just picked up my sack from mah girrrl. 
I'm lifted blowed . 
& we just smoked a single J . 
I'm so happy , All smiles .

P.S - I hate when fuckbags don't cut off their brights . 
You fxckin' blind me .


I'm outttt . Busyy day tomorrow . 
ima be geeked up , & blunted the whole time tho . 
smh ...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tryna front when you see me in the club , 'cause you kno who i am .

September 22nd . 
This week started out shitty AF . 
but im over it , im livin' for me & my happiness . 
"I dont need nobody that dont need me."

woke up ina great mood tho , thank allahhhh . 
& Tomorrow's fridayyy <3
still dont kno exactly what ima do , but ima do it BIG . 
just like brandi . lol
you know what ? 
Im so fuckin' thankful for the people in my life . 
forreal , like idk where i'd be without all the support . 
i've worked hard to get to where i am , & even though i've got a while to go , 
Shit , I'm proud .
Just fuckin' ready to get all my equipment , so i can get this music production shit on the road . 
'cause thats where i wanna be - on the road . 
makin' hits , takin' hits . 
I mean , how many white , female producer/rapper's you know ? 
exactly . 
I'll be Crack . 

Monday, September 19, 2011

summer's over ; fall back .

September 20th .
I haven't blogged ina while .
I figured since i'm jacked up & so full of emotion , i'd do it now .
I really dont know where to start .
ofcourse ima leave all the drama out of this , but in a nutshell;
Last weekend was fun af . lol
saturday I had a little party with the best :)
I was rollin' , so you kno i laughed my fuckn' ass off .
I puked , but i was a fuckn champ about it ,
I stood up , started pukin while i was walkin' , finished puking ,
& sat back down to finish gettin high af . hahaha
plus sunday , I got broke the fuck off proper . ;)
(not #oomph)
speakin' of #oomph ...
I really dont know what to say ...
We're not even the same anymore .
we do this all the time , back & forth shit .
it's so fucking old .
if im not a priority then FUCK YOU FAG .
ugh , i fucking love his dumbass .
but im not in love with this anymore ...
I'm just ready for a mature relationship .
a long lasting one .
or ATLEAST a relationship to get my mind off of my LAST one .
anywayz ,
pacman & jlove came over friday to record .
shit already sounded sick af , & he's not even done with it yet .
& i also love the fact that the track was created in my bedroom .
props . lol
jlove stayed the weekend ofcourse ,
so all we did was smoke , smoke , & uh...smoke .
then me , ma , & jlove went to waffle house on sunday .
so yeah , this weekend was pretty boring .
I plan to make this weekend - epically shitfaced amazing .
supposed to be goin' to the hookah bar with tiff .
but besides that , I gotta do somethin' big .
it's past due bitches .

Thursday, September 8, 2011

imma lil' drinker, but tonight - fill my glass .

September 8th.
Sittin' here thinkin' .
Too many things goin' on inside my head .
All I kno is im done wasting my time ,
& adderall is gonna be my bestfriend for a whileee .
today sucked the worst , im just ready for the fuckn' weekend .
Oh ! i just realized , tomorrow's friday <3
shidddddddddd .
"Cuttin my all my losses, cause boy we never won. You only really there when you tryina have some fun. Gave you a taste of ya own med, now you say we done. Well thas coo with me boo, no suprises - you aint the one ."

imma be real ,
it's hard to convince your head to believe something your heart doesn't .
im atta loss , really .
everyone always tells me i can do better,
but there's only one him .
but when someone doesn't treat you with the respect you need ,
then it's not even worth it .
but everythings peachy,
'cause i got Me bitch !
& i got some good weed too .

but wow , this weekend ... im gonna be single ,
feels so weird .
this should be interesting .

vinny . <3

Gucci mane ft yelawolf - Wanna Party