Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tryna front when you see me in the club , 'cause you kno who i am .

September 22nd . 
This week started out shitty AF . 
but im over it , im livin' for me & my happiness . 
"I dont need nobody that dont need me."

woke up ina great mood tho , thank allahhhh . 
& Tomorrow's fridayyy <3
still dont kno exactly what ima do , but ima do it BIG . 
just like brandi . lol
you know what ? 
Im so fuckin' thankful for the people in my life . 
forreal , like idk where i'd be without all the support . 
i've worked hard to get to where i am , & even though i've got a while to go , 
Shit , I'm proud .
Just fuckin' ready to get all my equipment , so i can get this music production shit on the road . 
'cause thats where i wanna be - on the road . 
makin' hits , takin' hits . 
I mean , how many white , female producer/rapper's you know ? 
exactly . 
I'll be Crack . 

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