Monday, September 19, 2011

summer's over ; fall back .

September 20th .
I haven't blogged ina while .
I figured since i'm jacked up & so full of emotion , i'd do it now .
I really dont know where to start .
ofcourse ima leave all the drama out of this , but in a nutshell;
Last weekend was fun af . lol
saturday I had a little party with the best :)
I was rollin' , so you kno i laughed my fuckn' ass off .
I puked , but i was a fuckn champ about it ,
I stood up , started pukin while i was walkin' , finished puking ,
& sat back down to finish gettin high af . hahaha
plus sunday , I got broke the fuck off proper . ;)
(not #oomph)
speakin' of #oomph ...
I really dont know what to say ...
We're not even the same anymore .
we do this all the time , back & forth shit .
it's so fucking old .
if im not a priority then FUCK YOU FAG .
ugh , i fucking love his dumbass .
but im not in love with this anymore ...
I'm just ready for a mature relationship .
a long lasting one .
or ATLEAST a relationship to get my mind off of my LAST one .
anywayz ,
pacman & jlove came over friday to record .
shit already sounded sick af , & he's not even done with it yet .
& i also love the fact that the track was created in my bedroom .
props . lol
jlove stayed the weekend ofcourse ,
so all we did was smoke , smoke , & uh...smoke .
then me , ma , & jlove went to waffle house on sunday .
so yeah , this weekend was pretty boring .
I plan to make this weekend - epically shitfaced amazing .
supposed to be goin' to the hookah bar with tiff .
but besides that , I gotta do somethin' big .
it's past due bitches .

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