Friday, September 2, 2011

grav hits 24/7

September 2nd.

yeah it's friday , so what ?
the last half of this week felt like friday .
i've been smokn my balls off honestly .
like , movie status is how this week went .
'cause well ...
we got some good shit duh .
first , we gotta quarter but tht shit was dank af .
so we gotta half the next day .
& daymm .

Coco started her period a few days ago ,
so we used chandler's sock to make a dog pad .
we even putta real pad inside . lol.

she hates her life right now . lol.
anyways , i'm especially thankful to #oomph .
for actually workin' on somethin we talked about .
can't wait to see him :)

gotta go get beer for ma ,
& mikes hard lemonade fo me ;)
lmao .

Later on -
I'm shwasted .

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