Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Please excuse my rebellious soul .

September 28th . 

Today's just been one crazy hazy dream . 

I blame it on the pain pills , truly .

I know I shouldn't have... 
I mean I wouldn't have... 
If I didn't crave love so much .
...#oomph came over today . 
We actually spent the whole day together . 
Just smokin' , laughin' , wrestin' & cuddlin' . 
Finally a cuddle session. <3 
...& of course my sheets are bein' washed right now. Smh 
As much as I don't wanna care , 
I care too much & I'm always gonna . 
The first cut is the deepest 
... & it obviously leaves a scar . 

Plus my moms gon' be like 'what da fuck' when she finds out 
... She'll find out when she reads this . 
I Love you ma dukes . <3 lol

I got to see my BrandiBoo today too (: 
I owe her one .
 Seriously , I needed that pick-me-up . 
& plus she found me a legit sack . I'm boutta go pick it up. 
I love that girl , She's the shit . 
& I honestly feel like I can come to her about anything 
& kno I'm never gonna be judged . 
We just so open in this fam. Lol

Damn , my fingers are glidin' across the keyboard . 
Smh - I'm on one three . 
 I be forgettin' n shit lately .  
Forreal , I got over 90 unread messages on facebook . 
& I knooo, I got an ass of unread texts.  
I'm slippin' lol . 
Also , Pmoe ... Pmoe got f l o w.
His new mixtape just dropped a couple days ago . 
& y'all needa check 'em out .
to download his mixtape click right churrr .
its truthhh . 
& then Add 'em on facebookk .
I shouldn't have smoked any spice today . 
Dave's not here , is just not for me . 
I Tripp testicles . 
Like , not a crackhead trip , but an emotional , cry-baby Trip . 
It just makes me think a lot . 
I needa just stick to the herbal . 


& yes mr.CudBud,  I blew you off breh . 
'What goes around , comes around like a hoolahoop' nigha . 
& you gon' learn that you can't get it when you want it . 
It's the other way around . (; 

Later on ....
So I'm at my usual gas station . 
my ma's puttin' air in the tires . 
Atta girl . 
Just picked up my sack from mah girrrl. 
I'm lifted blowed . 
& we just smoked a single J . 
I'm so happy , All smiles .

P.S - I hate when fuckbags don't cut off their brights . 
You fxckin' blind me .


I'm outttt . Busyy day tomorrow . 
ima be geeked up , & blunted the whole time tho . 
smh ...

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