Thursday, September 8, 2011

imma lil' drinker, but tonight - fill my glass .

September 8th.
Sittin' here thinkin' .
Too many things goin' on inside my head .
All I kno is im done wasting my time ,
& adderall is gonna be my bestfriend for a whileee .
today sucked the worst , im just ready for the fuckn' weekend .
Oh ! i just realized , tomorrow's friday <3
shidddddddddd .
"Cuttin my all my losses, cause boy we never won. You only really there when you tryina have some fun. Gave you a taste of ya own med, now you say we done. Well thas coo with me boo, no suprises - you aint the one ."

imma be real ,
it's hard to convince your head to believe something your heart doesn't .
im atta loss , really .
everyone always tells me i can do better,
but there's only one him .
but when someone doesn't treat you with the respect you need ,
then it's not even worth it .
but everythings peachy,
'cause i got Me bitch !
& i got some good weed too .

but wow , this weekend ... im gonna be single ,
feels so weird .
this should be interesting .

vinny . <3

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