Tuesday, September 6, 2011

we can do it real big , bigga than you ever done it .

September 6th.
Hope everyone hadda kickass labor day .
mine was alright .
just kept gettin drunk & high , best way to celebrate . lol
my moms was trippin my balls off this weekend tho . <3 that bitch .
#oomph texted me around 8 ish last night .
"im coming to get you for awhile ."
when he got here , i shoulda guessed it ,
we went to seven sense so he could get some spice . lol
ofcourse he spent the night .
he left around 3 today , he had to work .
it's so crazy to be so emotionally taken by someone .
we can't wait to get our own place.
awkward moment #453244
Your mom tellin you the next mornin' how nasty
it was hearin you moan & get boned while she was still in the living room .

how was i supposed to kno she was still in there ?
(that's why we need our own place)
this weed got me emotional,
im sittin here cryin', watchin' Oprah .
smh ...
I gotta feeling this week's gonna be either hard or boring .
imma be on adderal tho , i kno that shxt . haha
remember ;

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