Thursday, August 25, 2011

idgaf , if i do - Its fuck you .

August 25th .

GahhDamnn ,
today's been 'eh' af .
not a bad day , not a great day. So I cant complain.
smoke breaks always bring my mood up .

atleast i've got people that are actually there for me ,
ya'll the shit .
This guy , Rick has helped me through a lot this past week,
he's definitely one of the easiest people to talk to.
he takes the time to 'try' to understand me ,
& always gives me advice based off his best intentions.
I wish him the best in life.
Even tho when we doesn't hear from me ,
he thinks im "fucked uppp & getting somee"
lmaooo ,
Defffff my nigg. :)
oh my gahd ,
the state fair is gon' be here in less than two months.
im so readyyy . but everytime i go , i always throw uhp . lmao
I still go every year though . I rolled a joint for last year, with a clear paper,
birthday suit bud ;)
Imma be here one day,
this dude's been spittin flames -
James 'pacman' Johnson
I deff fucks with this dudes music.
not only is he a close homie , but he's original, dedicated, & a lady's man .
So add him on fb ,

This was a short post , but i gotta go to sumter .
classified reason bitches .

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