Saturday, August 6, 2011


August 6th.
So much has happened.
If i blogged about it, it might take too long.
#oomph's been staying every night so far,
It's gonna feel so different whenever he goes home.
So a few days ago I had my first bad trip off spice.
I took the biggest grav hit, omggg.
I felt that shit hit me.
it was Dave's Not Here, too. gahdamn.
everything looked like paper origami.
forreal, like everything looked all papery & sharp.
I hated that feeling.
#oomph got in bed with me while I was trippin' & tried to calm me down.
he's the best at that.
oh & sidenote;
I got the best head last night.
im sorry, but somethings you just can't contain.
I went to my uncles graduation yesterday. #oomph came too.
it was boring as fuck, but dude, this stripper was sittin' in front of us,
& when she stood up dude, her booty jiggled for like 4 seconds. lmao.
me & #oomph were both like "DAYUMMM"
not because of only that, but her dress went in her butt crack,
& the depth of that wedgie was unbelievable. lmao.
dude, we got so fucked up lastnight,
I dont even remember all of last night.
we got a new connect too.
life's gravy.

I gotta go get ready,
errands to run ,

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