Monday, August 8, 2011

if you like what you see, jump in the ride with me .

August 8th.
im so blank right now.
we smoked soo much yesterday.
#oomph left this morning 'round 11:30 for work.
tonight's gonna feel weird, 'cause he's stayin' at his place.
i've already got use to having him there at night. again. lol.
we dont really want alone time, but we know we need it.
you kno ?

oh! i curled my hair today. (:
i've been so day-dreamy lately.
i guess thats what happens when you grew up watching
all the Disney Princess movies on vhs.
yeah, i was that kid. lol.
my hobbies included skipping around in my backyard,
pickin' flowers, & singing songs.
but we all know how 'disney kids' turn out...
sad but true. lol.
i was so naive as a child.
but after puberty started comin' around,
that's when i started paying more attention to my surroundings.
& with puberty it went from Snow White, to The Simple Life. lol

I can say i had a pretty good childhood,
but i grew up fast, realll fast.
almost everything's changed.
my moms still here.
not in the same way she was before.
but more so i think. well more so on a sister level.
her mom levels always 100. lol but we are honestly more like sisters.
i'd be completely lost without her.
& i know that, i've moved out a few times. lol.
Yeah, i might've changed completely over time,
but i still recognize how beautiful life is.
i respect beautiful things,
& things that make life beautiful.
i miss him already what the hell.

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