Friday, November 18, 2011

5-0 got me pissed off .

November 19th 2011 . 

I know i haven't been blogging lately .
but i've been a bad girl , 
& a lotttt of shit has happened . 
I've got some friends over right now , so i'm gonna be short .
Everything's happened from,  me almost fighting this bitch 'cause 
I was meetin' up with this guy who she use to fuck . 
but i had no idea about her . 
Plus she knew he was meeting me there , & they aint even ina relationship . 
she kept callin' me a bitch , like screamin' that shit like a physco , 
everyone was lookin' at her like she was fuckin' crazyy . 
like , sorry bitch obviously you aint nothin' special . 
& that's exactly what i told her . lol . 
she shutup after that shit . 
Also , yesterday morning , 
I was awoken from a knock on the door . 
about 8 cops swarmed my house . 
I can't say who . 
but they were looking for someone , &
 they thought they were hiding at my house . 
all last night , i had cops watching my house , 
a cop that had been at at house yesterday morning saw me 
going to Jlove's house , & followed me there . 
when I picked up chandler & Jlove from school , 
the Major was at my house with two other guys in suits .
to try to ask me more things . 
they pissed my mom off really bad , 
to the point were she wanted to sue them for taking advantage of me . 
they really pushed me to the point were I was crying
on multiple occasions . they never believed me 
when I told them I didn't know anything . 
luckily , the person they were looking for turned there-self in this morning . 
I'm just ready for this to be over . 
fuck bein' around cops . 

It's been cold as fuck lately . 
like seriously . 
but it's beautiful outside with all the leaves changing & shit . 
it's weird to think that this time last time last year , 
I spent it all with #oomph . thanksgiving , christmas , new years , 
all of it , up until may . fuck may .  

but really, i've been closer with my family than ever . 

Jlove pretty much lives here . lol . he's like the other bro i never had . 
I'm so protective over that kid . 
Oh , & how about todayyyy , 
I fuckin' backed into a muhfuckin' tree . 
oh welll . 

well , it's 2:22 am . 
I haven't really gotten a lotta sleep lately . 
soooo im ouut . 

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