Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Joints I flick , Bong raps I kick .

October 10th . 

So I just finished my first rap with Jlove .
I'm fucking excited AF .
I recorded it ONCE , & killed it . didn't even need to re-record anything . 

i've had atleast 10 people ask me to get on a track with them .

I mean , i've been writing raps for years , but Just had enough balls to record .
I picked Jlove up from school , & he was just like
"Today , You're Doing this shit . So , dont even say no ."
& it came out fucking great .
I havnt had butterflies like this since I found out what love an orgasm was .
& this just shows me , I don't need a guy , I can do this on my own .
It's being happy . & I'm in love with this shit .

My advice for everyone out there ,
fuckkkk what people say . 

soo... Here it is... (:
( Sounds BEST with headphones . )

There's more to come in the near future ;)

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