Thursday, July 28, 2011

Im not comin' with the usual .

"Obviously you like it if you allll up in it." - Cait

"the lighting at your doc office, would be bad lightin' for pictures." - cait
"i look good in that light. I be lookin' at myself" - mom

Today was definitely a 'me' day.
I switched my room around, did all my laudry, & even cleaned my closet.
Adderall is amazing. Lol
I even gotta suprised visit from jlove & some other local rappers.
Their names arent needed. (:
Ofcourse we rolld up.
I love smokn with rappers 'cause it always happens..
You kno, the L's halfway done, everyones buzzin'.
Then someone randomly starts a beat, then before you kno it,
There's a non stop circle of freestyles.
It was highlarious.
Later -
These crazy son of bitches just knocked on my back door, my window, & now my front door.
My momma had to go out there.
She answered the door , 4 dudes were lined up in the backround ,
& one tall ass dude was standin' there.

"uh, is john here ?" -random douche
"no john aint fuckn here, do you kno what mothafuckn time it is?" -mom
"uh..." -random douche
"its 1 o clock in the fuckn mornin, dont be knockin on my door at this time, I gotta work tomorrow." -mom
"yes 'mam" - random douche
*slams door & locks it.

I see where i get my bad bitchness from.
Lmao. <3
"Bitches talk shit 'cause they think they know me. But if I had a dick, they'd be the first to blow me"

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