Thursday, July 28, 2011

me love you long time.

July 25th.

"& when our hands touch, my entire body tingles, & I wanna to ask you to never let me go."

I've spent the past 4 nights with #oomph.
Honestly, I didn't wanna leave.
I dont blame myself one bit.
when you practically grew up with someone,
you can't help but always love them.
we spent the first night staying up, laughing ours asses off,
crying all night, mostly just talking.
we slept like we usually do, tangled up in each other.
I couldn't remember the last time I slept that comfortable.
Its cute, 'cause we always try to out-do eachother.
especially in bed. lol.
it's the bonnie & cylde feeling.
the feeling of excitement running through your body.
we're at our best right now.
Im just hoping it stays like this.
idk what's gonna happen, but I know what i want.
Im just ready for somethin' to happen.
im tired of all these emotions.
we made so many plans, & im curious to see if they follow through.

"Relationships are like drugs. They either kill you or give you the best feeling of your life.”
-Wiz Khalifa

I can't lie. we was caked up. we never get tired of it.
In all seriousness, i've never cared about any other relationship i was in.
yeah, I cared for them, But i didn't love them.
I used to be the girl that ran away from love. not with him.
& with him, im IN love.
it's crazy, im crazy, we're crazy people.
fuck it. he makes me smile.

"the truth is that i'm afraid to be your friend because i'm always going to want more,
but then i got to thinking that i'd rather have you in my life as a friend than not at all."

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