Wednesday, July 27, 2011

They lookin' for me, I was prolly in the sky .

July 18 & 19th

Jlove's here. Its 11:05pm. His birthday's in an hour lol.
We're piled up in moms big bed. Toasted.

Jlove just notice he got his first chin hair.
I told him its his birthday hair.
Lil' youngin' (:
we spent his birthday like mine, passin' bongs, talkin' out our ass,
& laughin' til we were close to peein'.

Today has been the craziest day.
Ive cried & laughed toomuch in one day.


#oomph texted me this mourning around 11.
it was his birthday too. he got in a car accident.
thank g o d he was wearing his seat belt.
he wanted to come over last night, since he got to see me on my birthday.
but mom said no, cause he had a hoodlum with 'em.
idk what i'd do if something happened...
we had a long talk.

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